Addressing Real World Problems With Forward Thinking Solutions

Our organization is an accumilation of revolutionary pioneers in the blockchain space. Coming together from all over Africa and other parts of the world, this team is positioned to facilitate a big impact across the African continent.

Inspiring The Youth And Future Leaders

We believe education is the cornerstone for building a better future. By introducing advanced concepts to early generations and guiding them through programs and mentorships, these kids will be able to access opportunities that will accelerate the growth of technologies in their regions and beyond.

Our programs promote team building, collaboration, leadership roles, and the skills needed to be effective in any project or organization.

Cultivating And Challenging New Ideas

Africa is an open canvas, where many complex problems have the potential to be addressed by emerging technologies. It is up to this generation of thinkers and leaders to embrace the possibilities of an interconnected planet.

Our innitiatives intend to push the boundaries of what is achievable by aggregating our resources, and developing a culture and community that is centered around innovation.

Achieving Real World Results

The real measure of success is how many lives we can impact. We seek to affect continental change by generating economic opportunity and lifting communities out of poverty. With our education and entreprenuership programs, we will encourage the development of skills that are pivotal to integrating technologies into developing regions.

Our Team

We Are Passionate About Actively Working Towards A Brighter Future.

Philip Agyei Asare

Ghana Programs Director

Emmanuel Tweneboah

Education Programs Director

Mustapha Cole

Sierra Leone Programs Directorr

Jon Stokes

Technology Specialist

David Desantis

Technology Specialist

Roy Hodge

Technology Specialist

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